wood fired pizza – homemade ice cream

IMG_1516 July 18th, 2014

salads and such
marinated olives -4
oven roasted padron peppers with maldon salt -6
carrot soup with nasturtium butter & house bread -7
garden lettuces with shaved radishes, point reyes blue cheese & hazelnuts -9
little gem lettuce salad with buttermilk dressing, beets & cucumbers -9
oven roasted green beans with cherry tomatoes, summer squash & parmigiano reggiano -9
oven roasted new potatoes with basil aioli & arugula -9

12″ pizza pies
fresh mozzarella with basil -13 add organic arugula -15 add OP capicola -15 both -17
roasted cherry tomatoes with summmer squash, goat gouda & fromage blanc -18
radicchio with calabrian chilies, provolone picante, lemon & garlic  -16
braised fennel with OP capicola, provolone picante, pistachios & fennel pollen -17
CHOP salami with mama lil’s sweet hot peppers & oil cured olives  -17
housemade fennel sausage with rainbow chard & rosemary  -16
roasted red potatoes with taleggio, fontina & la quercia pancetta -17

cheese pizza for kids  -7

add to a pizza
sausage/salami/pancetta/bacon  -4
egg  -2
side calabrian chilies  -1
anchovies  -3
mama lil’s peppers  -3
arugula  -3

homemade ice cream
chamomile almond praline
mint stracciatella
salted caramel
ayers creek purple raspberry
burnt honey lavender
coffee fudge hazelnut

thanks to our local & family purveyors; chop butchery, olympic provisions, viridian farms, gathering together farm, wobbly cart farm, ayers creek farm, groundwork organics & more…

we use organic & locally sourced ingredients in our food & our dough is naturally leavened for good health!

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