wood fired pizza – homemade ice cream


Dough: Our dough is naturally leavened & we use organic flour from Central Milling. We do not use Active Dry Yeast, but maintain a wild yeast starter which makes our dough easy to digest & super tasty.

Ingredients: We buy our produce primarily from local Oregon & Washington Farmers. When farmers are growing, we are buying. In the fall, spring & summer months this is 100% of the time. In the winter months when farms are closed or limited, we get what we can locally & utilize produce from California Organic growers via Pacific Coast Fruit Company.

Menu: We have a seasonal menu that changes often. We feature oven roasted vegetables, soups with housemade bread, salads & pizzas.

Pizza: We make American Pizza. Portland Pizza to be exact. Never been to Italy!

Ice Cream: We also make ice cream. It’s mostly Organic using a simple custard base and in the summer we feature fruit from Oregon farmers like Ayers Creek Farm, Groundwork Organics, Viridian Farms & more.

Wine, Beer & beverages: We offer a wine list that features natural & low intervention wine making. We have two beers on tap from local Oregon brewers. We also make several house sodas & a naturally fizzy fermented kombucha.

Owners: Sarah & Jane Minnick opened Lovely’s in 2011 after operating Lovely Hula Hands for 7 years. Sarah is the chef & Jane operates the front of the house.

Gluten free pizza: We don’t make that! sorry. We do have plenty of starters & salads without wheat, but Celiac’s should beware- our hot apps are cooked in the same oven as our pizza- the gluten is seriously airborne in this place.